___________________KARO GODLES_________________


Karo Godles is an experienced scenic painter, mural artist, photographer and tattoo artist.

She is also a talented singer and songwriter and produces music.

The creative allrounder can look back to a classical education in Theatrical Scenic Painting at the German public TV broadcasting service SWR and the Louis-Lepoix-School in Baden-Baden, Germany.


Born in 1986 in Opole, Poland, she was surrounded by an artistic and theatrical environment from early childhood on - very much inspired by her mother, a passionate actress and singer herself.

The dream of young Karo was to acquire the painting and sculpting techniques of the old masters in order to develop a completely unique and modern style. In her art, based on the very foundations those masters laid, modern styles and techniques are creatively combined with new materials and possibilities of expression. For example, in her upcoming ' Vernissage Experience', she combines aluminum and acid with classical oil painting techniques.


The young fervent artist involved herself in the graffiti and street art scene, where she was particularly impressed by the breaking-out-the-norm - being able to use spray cans to mimic classical painting.

Her artwork has been shown and applauded in exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and the U.S.

In 2008 she won the European Student Award and her artwork was shown at the Reichstag in Berlin.


She also worked on numerous TV shows, plays and operas as a scenic painter. Currently Karo works and lives in Baden-Baden, where she manages her own art and tattoo studio.